Saturday, April 23, 2005

Vince Guaraldi and ... Frank Zappa?

One of the challenges of the CD age is of course keeping track of all those darn CDs. I have a stack of CD cases who've lost their CDs. Some of them I have a vague idea of their fate - most I do not.

Several years ago as Christmas approached and the Christmas music came out, we opened Vince Guaraldi's Peanuts Christmas CD case to discover nothing inside. Panic ensued for several minutes and when things settled down I jumped in the car and drove to our local CD store ("Music Matters" - wonderful place) and remedied the situation. Since then, the Vince Guaraldi CD case has sat with other lost souls in the aforementioned stack glumly listening to it's replacement at Christmas time.

Flash forward to the present. Tyler's gone and, believing this will make him more hip, got an iPod and is busily transferring CDs onto the computer and then to the iPod. Yesterday I decide I need some classic Zappa on the iPod (you know where this is going right?). After the first disc of Live in New York has been ripped and I'm struggling to open the other side of the double CD case, it finally comes free and who should stroll out but Vince Guaraldi complaining "Hey, about time you let me outta that madhouse! That Zappa guy is NUTS!!"

Leave it to the iPod to bring Vince and Frank together. I wonder what they jammed on?


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  2. The visual is tooooo much; Charlie and Linus with Frank! HA!

  3. this reminds me of the crazy fools up at Bull Moose Music in portland. they have the easy listening music (Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc.) right next to all of the screechathons like Zorn, Xenakis, etc.

    i accused them of trying to hurt somebody.