Monday, August 15, 2005

Vacation's End

Our week in New Harbor flew by just as you would guess it would. We spent time with Stu, Bogusia, Robert and Konrad during the first part of the week, fit in a dinner with Meg's family friends Vic and Midge Hart, and then enjoyed a visit from Rod and Val during the last part of the week. We fit in visits to Pemaquid Beach, day trip to Monhegan Island as well, and a wonderful emotional return to the Bradley Inn for dinner.

All that said, my favorite part of the week was the quiet time that Meg and I had together. It took some time to slow down and get used to just 'doing nothing', especially given the modern amenities of our 'getaway cottage' including broadband wireless and cable television. But we did get used to it. We spent more time reading than we have in a long time. We watched a couple old movies late into the night. We biked around McFarland Shore, New Harbor and Pemaquid Point and of course we sampled the Shaw's raw bar together.

The need to get away - to break from the daily routine and to get new perspectives on your own life and the rest of the world - is so easy to underestimate. We've taken alot of wonderful "busy" vacations - the marathon trip to Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic comes to mind - but I think these get away vacations are equally important in a different way. We're already working on booking a cottage for next year - and thinking of an off season visit as well.

The picture was taken one morning from the deck at Sail Away. The mornings would start with the bright sunlight streaming in from the ocean and the sound of lobster boats moving through the sea of traps. The picture below is also from the front deck.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Harbor Maine

We are blessed with being on vacation this week in New Harbor Maine. We arrived Saturday evening to find our rental house - which we had taken sight unseen - to be even more than we had hoped for. Since then we've been delighted to awake to gulls and the occasional lobster boat in the morning with a beautiful oceanfront view the rest of the time. Truly a delight. The week is already speeding by... perhaps two weeks next time...