Sunday, April 24, 2005


So last night about 8:15 as the Red Sox and Curt Shilling were preparing to throw away yet another game they should have in the bag, the power suddenly goes out. This is a touch ironic as Meg was only a few days ago explaining to her collegues in Noida, India that we rarely lose power here in the U.S. and that when we do, it's for a short time (that work day Meg said they lost power about 20 [twenty!] times! This is a real problem in India right now).

Anyway, we do the standard stuff, lighting candles, re-arming flashlights, and setting new world records for opening and shutting the refridgerator door, and then we wait. And wait. And finally go to bed 'cause the entire valley in front of us is dark except for car lights. The power finally returned around 4:30 or 5:00 this morning and all is back to normal.

It again reminds me how dependent we are on electric power for pumping water from the well, heating the house, cooling our food, and lighting the night. Jeez, when I was growing up this was no big deal at all! Lights, heat, refrigeration etc. were all taken care of by a more "storable" energy source: propane. Pumping water etc. was still a job for an electric pump but of course this was powered by our twin Onan generators - again running off propane.

Now of course the interesting thing is what happened when the generators wouldn't generate for one reason or another. The answer was simple: Dad went up and fixed them! The problem we have not is that is a) we don't have any generators and b) if we did, I couldn't maintain and repair them. My vocation makes it more likely - though by no means a sure thing - that I can fix the computer system if suddenly we are unable to print from the iBook. How useless is that?

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  1. I'm thinking computerized windmill? :)