Friday, April 08, 2005

Frogs in the Road.

Meg and I were coming home from work and shopping last night and as we made our way up Asa Burton Road, I noticed something in the road that didn't quite look like a leaf. As I was driving at a crawl - didI mentioned it's mud season in Vermont? - I realized it was a medium sized frog. The first of the year and quite large!

Armed with this new way of deciphering what I was seeing I realized there was another several feet beyond the first and yet another a few feet to the right of him. All told we saw about 10 frogs on the road over the course of less than a quarter of a mile coming to the house. Neither Meg nor I remember seeing such a Spring phenomenon ever before in Vermont.


  1. Morning Tyler!
    Mud season sounds like a perfect environment for your native frogs there in VT. As for spring influx of critters, I seem to be in quiet and therefore attractive part of the town for robins. There must be twenty of the flighting around the yard. While beautiful, the exuberant chirping makes concentration with the windows open nearly impossible.

  2. this frog thing happens down my way when it rains. it' kind of heartbreaking to be squishing all those green guys covering the road.

    and for the record, winter was so long this year that i'm going to do my best to not complain about mud season and black fly season. (ok ty, stop laughing)

  3. Hey Ty -

    Many years ago, I remember riding in a car with you down a back road in Maine that was a CARPET of frogs or toads. Do you remember that?


  4. I don't remember that but it doesn't surprise me. I think these creatures run on timetables and according to rules that we (or at least I) no longer understand very well.

    These guys definitely had business to do.