Friday, December 23, 2005


Our sightseeing in Jaipur started at the City Palace. It is a large palace in the heart of the city and is currently inhabited by the son of the last Maharaja. It's also home to part of the Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II Museum which contains an amazing collection of carpets, paintings, photos, books and other crafts.

On entrance to the palace, we encountered a couple of cobras, which we gave a wide berth!

Belowis a picture of the Mubarak Mahal or Welcome Palace. It's a covered open area built for receiving and entertaining dignitaries.

Near the City Palace is the Hawa Mahar (Wind Palace). It is five stories high and only one room deep; a true facade. The rooms are designed to allow the ladies of the harem to observe the happenings down in the street without being seen. We took this picture the evening we pulled into Jaipur.

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  1. Carol Mathis4:55 PM

    These are some beautiful photos. I was in Jaipur two months before you. . . I wish my photos were half as nice!!!