Sunday, December 18, 2005


Meg and I just returned from a trip to India. She was there for two full weeks on business while I followed a bit later for pleasure. While there, we stayed in Noida outside New Delhi, we visited the Pink City of Jaipur by car, and we flew to Hyderabad (and it's high tech suburb HiTec City) in Southern India.

It was my first trip to India and it's safe to say I was overwhelmed. The vast numbers of very colorful people, the crazy roadways filled with everything from water buffalo and camels to modern SUVs, the extreme poverty of the streets juxtaposed with the extravagance of the temples and Hyderabad's High Tech City (Cyberabad), and of course the broad variety of wonderful food are but a few examples of the new experiences I had.

We were the recipients of tremendous hospitality from our hosts and without that, our experiences would not have been the same. Our thanks go out to all of them.

I’ll try to post more from the trip before long but right now I’m still trying to adjust from the long trip home and I think I need to take a nap. In the interim, I’ve included a picture from my first day of sightseeing in Delhi: the amazing Lotus Temple near sunset.

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