Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Snow in October.

Yesterday was one of the stranger weather days we've seen here in Vermont. It was raining again in the morning when we went to work. I don't know the rainfall totals here for October but it must be about 12" or 14" of rain. However, mid-morning it started turning to snow and snowed fairly steadily through the afternoon. We traveled East to Canaan after work and there was even more snow there (we had to wait for a flatlander to give up trying to climb a hill into town - glad we had the Ranger!).

The trip home from Canaan is over a road we fondly call the Canaan Turnpike. It's a stretch through the woods between Lyme and Canaan that is ... very lightly traveled. This night, we met nobody on the Turnpike after leaving Canaan proper and for the next 8 miles or so we trundled through 2" to 4" of extremely wet snow. The snow bent the young trees
on either side of the road - especially maples - down forming gentle arches over the road and trailing still vibrant fall leaves over the car like the dancing scrubbers of an automated car wash. Luckily no big trees were down and we were able to get all the way through to Lyme Center and back home where ... wonder of wonders... there was absolutely no snow on the ground.

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