Monday, October 03, 2005

The Aliens have landed.

We found these two off to the side of our driveway plotting an attack on the main homestead. Luckily, we caught them in time and robbed them of their essence via the newly discovered T5 diopter lens.

BTW: Tyler Kepner - who reported so accurately on the Sox decimation of the Yankees last year - had this to say about Sunday's game: "They bludgeoned the Yankees, 10-1, with homers from Bill Mueller, Manny Ramirez and Doug Mirabelli and six strong innings from Curt Schilling."

On to Chicago...


  1. Beauty of a shot Tyler!

    You must have been laying on your belly...

  2. Hey dude! I was listening to the Houston radio call of the Astros - Braves game last night (the 18 inning one) and the color guy described a Clemmens pitch as "High cheese, lotsa life on it." Classic.