Sunday, May 02, 2010

Skowhegan #6

Another named building in downtown Skowhegan. It's interesting to me to think of the entire story behind such a building. What is the back story here? Who was A.B. Borden and what did they do? What was their connection to Skowhegan such that they not only built this building but decided to put their name on it? History is lurking everywhere.


  1. The A.B. Borden building was built in the 1840's as a two and a half storied storefront building.
    Dr. A.B Borden acquired the building in the early 1900's In 1909 he purchased a Mesker prefab zinc clad steel storefront through the mail and redid the building. I'm in the process of having the storefront refinished and the building will hopefully look new again this Fall - Bruce Fowler

  2. Thanks Bruce for the info! I've heard of buying storefronts through the mail but didn't realize I was looking at one! Looking forward to seeing the refinished version. Thanks again!

  3. Tyler,
    Photos can be found here.
    If all goes well next year... Will restore the first floor storefronts to match the upper floors.