Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Harbor #10

The New Harbor lobstermen are greeted at the dock with a cold libation even as they are sorting the days catch. I think there should be some sort of analog in the realm of software development; perhaps after you run all unit tests and check your code in, someone presents you with a cold one? Just me thinking...


  1. i saw an ad last night while watching 'deadliest catch' for a new show about swordfishing in maine. linda greenlaw is in it.

    and yes, i do like your idea of the beer after completing a software task. nah, it'll never happen!

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    geez you guys.. you mean Realizing an Increment of Business Value isn't enough reward for you?

    (um, i typed that in a sarcastic voice- but looking at it now, that would actually be pretty satisfying.. but nah, it'll never happen...)

    ((and so off-topic here... can we get back to the photos?? ;))

  3. I love receiving a photologue of your vacation. Wonderful photos!
    Love sis