Monday, June 26, 2006

New Harbor & Gilman Pond

We took a quick get-away to New Harbor and Gilman Pond this past weekend. We stayed overnight and spent some time looking around New Harbor on a rainy overcast morning. Here's a shot of the harbor there.

We headed up to Gilman Pond Saturday for a wonderful if quick visit with Mom and Dad. While we were there, we saw a moose swimming across Gilman Pond and on our canoe ride, we got a wonderful view of the bald eagle that lives across the pond.

Saturday night when we arrived, the sky was swirling with clouds and Meg found this brand new persective on a familiar skyline.

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  1. Gilman Pond, I remember it well! Talk about a blast from the past! Tyler, hopefully you remember your old friend from high school and college, Almer (they call me Al now). I ran across your site a month or so ago and have finally gotten around to understanding blogging. I remember skating on Gilman pond in the winter and canoing in the summer. Great times! They are fond memories and I thank you for posting the picture. It has taken me on a journey through the past, reminding me of the great things and the great people I have known. Keep up the posting and blogging. I will visit often!