Thursday, June 02, 2005

Go SoRo!

Marty's South Royalton Royals took an easy win against their first round Playoff opponents 10-4. The game was not nearly as close as that as Marty put in the subs in the third inning after gaining a nine run advantage, starting his second string pitcher.

It's interesting to watch all this. Marty's team is from a town not any bigger than the SAD 74 Carrabec Cobras for whom I gave my all twenty five years ago. He has a bunch of very talented farm boys who, when in the right frame of mind, are almost unbeatable. Much remains to be seen, but Marty's team is very definitely a contender for the state title. The apex of my high school career was pitching in the Carrabec's losing effort against Jay in the first round of the state championships in 1980. I felt for Williamston today as they really played quite valiantly.

The South Royalton Royals go again Saturday at 4:30PM again at home and against an undoubtedly tougher opponent (not yet clear who it is). They will throw their ace Nevin Fulcher, who while passable doesn't have my fastball (ha!) and I feel for the competition as Nevin is a pitcher with stuff like location and selection. Hmmm. Interesting notion.

Anyway, I got this nice shot of a beautiful June afternoon in Vermont with Marty overseeing the whuppin'. Fenway has absolutely nothing on a beautiful afternoon in South Royalton!


  1. you had a fastball?

  2. Yeah, I don't think you ever actually saw it.