Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is my nephew Kevin's birthday and I wish him a great one!

I dug out a shot from April two years ago when Kevin visited Barker Road for the second of two memorable bonfires. With Marty, we burned not only the huge pile of debris that I'd collected over the previous months, but went foraging into the woods for anything on the ground or anything standing that could be knocked over without power tools and dragged back to the blaze. I distinctly remember Kevin coming up over the bank shouldering a log the size of an ancient coastal redwood. Marty and I looked at each other and relunctantly headed over the bank to try, in vain, to show up the youngster. Nobody got hurt anyway.

We had a great time that day Kevin and I hope you have even more fun today!


  1. Ty, last evening while we were together, Kevin told us some stories about this bonfire time with you, laughing all the time! It is a great memory for him.

    I believe there is some talk of bonfires in Fairplay over Memorial Day weekend :)


  2. Hey there Ty-
    Thanks for the Birthday phone call dude! Sean tells me that you may be headed to MD for Memorial Day? Let me know your plans. I should be in town that weekend.